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if you are using your own design CMS, or are familiar with the CMS login and release form properties, you can refer to the custom CMS API document design directly.

 Before Design It is recommended to see if CMS is a supported CMS type for a template function by referring to the custom CMS API documentation.

 CMS interface parameters of the times more, we take it as an example, how to find out the various parameters of the CMS template interface.

 A test site is eXAMPLE,COM, the first part of the design template login.

eXAMPLE,COM, background landing address is: eXAMPLE,COM/admin/index.asp, the template background landing address fill index, php, background directory address fill admin (if This template is the need to inject more than one type of website, you can not fill in the specific website), the website language is Chinese. The login page looks like this:


 After the login is successful, you can determine whether the login succeeds by using a clear success identification information on the page, as shown in the following figure:



Here you can select “My Account” as a successful login logo. Login section here basically designed well, if the test fails, you can check the remaining optional items. If you login with the verification code, it is recommended to cancel in the background, if you can not cancel, you can also fill in the corresponding parameters template, if you do not know the specific verification code name, you can right-click “View Page Source Code”, as shown below:



Find the corresponding CAPTCHA field name in the login form by searching for the keyword “Verify:” as shown in the following figure:

The verification code field name is “CODE” in name = “CODE” and the verification code address is “inc / sdcmscode.asp? T0 = 60 & t1 = 14” in src = “inc / sdcmscode.asp? T0 = 60 & t1 = 14” .

 To start publishing part of the design template, first find the article editor address, as shown below:
 Here’s the address for editing: sdcms_info.asp? Action = add, and then find the article’s management address, as shown below:

 Here article management address: sdcms_info.asp? Set these two addresses can be tested released, if the test fails, you can check the rest of the optional items, such as the header field name and content field name here, you can In the publish edit page, “t0” and “t4” are found according to the keyword “information title” and “information content” in the form, as shown in the following figure: “View page source code”


 If there are restrictions on the column requirements, you can limit the value of the column to achieve, such as column field name is “t13”, the selected value is “1”, as shown below:

 If there are some special CMS types, after the success of publishing, the background may not display the article immediately, and you may fill in the information of the successful identification of the publication, for example, here is “Generate Success”.

 Attached: Custom CMS API documentation

1 Unsupported Type Custom CMS Interface Unsupported Type:

1 The verification field with the verification code when it was released.

2 Publishing requires multiple submissions.

3 need to refresh the static page (support background publishing, but need to manually refresh the static).

4 publish edit page address can not get a fixed address, you need to get it dynamically.

5 Hidden fields or field values ​outside the form need to be encrypted in the process of login or publish. For example, the cookie needs special assignment during login , Login password need md5 encryption encoding.

2 login interface
2.1 Required parameters:
2.1.1 background landing address (adminloginPath)
Site background login address (such as containing the background directory address, landing address, do not include the background directory address).

2.1.2 website language (language)
Website design language, the default is Chinese.

2.1.3 login successful ID (loginSuccessMsg)
Successful identification information returned after the login is successful, such as the successful login information such as “login successful” and “welcome” in the webpage after the login is successful, or some returned link websites that appear only after successful login.

2.2 Optional parameters:
2.2.1 landing submitted address (loginaction)
Login form submission address, that is, the action address in the form, if the value assigned in the form’s action, the template can be automatically matched, otherwise you need to fill in.

2.2.2 username field
The name of the user name field in the login form. If the username field name contains the “name” character, the template can be matched automatically. Otherwise, it needs to be filled in.

2.2.3 password (passwordfield)
The name of the password field in the login form. If the password field name contains the “pass” character, the template can be matched automatically; otherwise, it needs to be filled in.

2.2.4 verification code name (loginVcodefield)
The name of the verification code field in the login form. If the login form contains the verification code, you need to fill in the specific verification code field name.

2.2.5 verification code address (loginVcodePath)
Url address, if the login form contains the verification code, you need to fill in the specific verification code image Url address.

2.2.6 Background directory address (adminPath)
Website background directory address.

2.2.7 login special field (loginSpecial)
Login special fields, including the name and assignment, the login form with or without, can be specified by adding, such as authentication code and other special landing authentication field, if there are multiple fields, separated by “|”, such as “nameA : valueA | nameB: valueB “.

If the form submission process in addition to the user name, password, verification code field (such as authentication code) have verification, you need to fill in.

3 release interface
3.1 required parameters
3.1.1 release edit address (postEditPage)
Url in the background when editing articles.

3.1.2 article management address (articleManagePath)
Display, delete, edit the URL of the article.

3.2 optional parameters
3.2.1 titlefield
Publish the title of the article form field name, if the title field name contains the “title” character, the template can be automatically matched to, or need to fill out.

3.2.2 Content Name (contentfiled)
Publish the name of the content field in the article form. If the content field name contains the “content” character, the template can be matched automatically; otherwise, it needs to be filled in.

3.2.3 text type (contenttype)
Article encoding type, the default value is “html” encoding.

3.2.4 Post successfully identified postSuccessMsg
After the success of the success of identification information returned, such as the success of the release, such as the “success of the page”, “Congratulations” and other obvious success ID information, or return some only appear after the success of the link URL. If the publication is successful, the article background management page can not match the publication of the successful article title, you need to fill in.

3.2.5 column settings (catalog)
Article column or classification field, including the name and assignment, the middle with “:” separated, such as “catalogs: 10”. If you post an article, the column or category is required, the software can not automatically match the column value, you need to fill in.

3.2.6 release special name (postSpecial)
Publish special fields, including the name and assignment, blog group to build a mass, the landing form with or without, can be specified to add, such as the author and other special release field, if there are multiple fields, separated by “|” Such as “nameA: valueA | nameB: valueB”.

If the form submission process at the article title, content, field fields are limited, you need to fill in.

4 multi-user parameter settings:
If a template needs to be injected into multiple websites of the same type at the same time, do not include the website address in the process of filling in the template parameters. For example, the background login address is eXAMPLE,COM,, Background landing address parameters simply fill login.asp.


Xevil The Best OCR Captcha Decoding Application

XEvil — easy, fast and flexible tool for automatic recognition of the most type of CAPTCHA’s (included so hard captchas like Google ReCaptcha v.1 and v.2, Solve Media, Facebook-captcha, etc.).

The application replaces such services as AntiGate (Anti-Captcha), RuCaptcha, DeCaptcher, etc., and at the same time it provides for higher recognition velocity (in 10 times) and is completely free of charge.

flexibility: the use of the scripted language Lua ensures the XEvil customization to the user’s tasks:

add support to emulation of any new recognition service
implement customization of interaction with any application
implement own module for logging and debugging of the results

The recognized types: over 8400
Sizes: Unlimited
Fonts: Unlimited
Language: Roman type, Cyrillic, digits
Arithmetic: Supported
Noise: Unlimited
Distortions: Unlimited

Free version

Average precision of recognition – 60%-80%
Average recognition velocity – 1 s


Ultra version
for XRumer licenses owners

Average precision of recognition – 90%-100%
Average recognition velocity – 0.01…0.02 s
Google ReCaptcha v.1, v.2 and Solve Media recognition modules included
The recognition technology is backed by the most state of art neural networks. Xevil is using Delphi XE8, and Lua.
Anti-bot protection in the form of graphic captchas is going for good. It has been several years already, the captchas are recognized by various services and various application (free/non-free).

The captchas on the site can be customized continuously but this is dead end road. The captchas can push off the visitor of the site (who can be your potential customer). This type of anti-bot protection is outdated and will go for good in a 2-3 year with the introduction of more modern user authentication systems.

The state of art are provided with secure protection against Spam-bots with use of the following techniques:

Encrypted with JS-protection
It takes not more than 20-30 minutes (one day for the non-expert) to ensure site protection against robots without using such repulsive for users technologies as captchas.


iPhone/Android-based Mobile App Development.

We are specialized in iPhone and Android application development and offer our services at competitive rates. We have a dedicated team professional designers and developers with over 5 years of experience and we thrive on the idea that design makes a difference.

We cater to the following Application Development segments:

a. Android (Phone/Tablet)-based Application
b. iPhone/iPad-based Applications
c. Mobile App layout and UX design
d. Enterprises level of Application
Ø E-Commerce Mobile Application
Ø Field Force Management Application
Ø Restaurant Ordering Applications
Ø Accounting and Spy Applications
Ø Fleet Management System
Ø Uber App clone
e. GPS/Location-based Applications
f. Custom App Development based on your idea conference call to discuss on how we can help you


Shenzhen SEO Agency

HexaSeo is a leading SEO company in Shenzhen, specializing in search engine optimization and marketing that will increase traffic, ranks, and sales online.

A digital agency in Shenzhen providing services to Hong Kong Singapore, China and Japan specializing in SEO

Search engine optimization consultant. Includes frequent updates on SEO and the broader concept of inbound marketing.

Top SEO company is a digital agency based in Hong Kong, offer quality SEO and PPC strategy for you. With a number of experienced SEOer
Digital Butter offers advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies that help companies monitor & increase website traffic.


Bugs Marketing Assistant SEO Software

Bugs marketing assistant is the second well-known SEO software “Bugs blog group built” wider adoption of user suggestions, upgrade infrastructure and improve technology successfully developed a new generation of integrated SEO tools.

Bugs marketing assistant has eight modules:
1, mass blog Forum group built: the primary support mainstream large portal blog, a large forum, paste it, a variety of review sites, classified information, B2B business information site group built mass.
2, station group free management: support for mainstream single-user, multi-user up to more than 180 users! You can easily manage hundreds of websites, blog networks
3, Article scraper a powerful built-acquisition module, write functional and flexible acquisition rules, can capture the contents of any internet site, fast acquisition speed.
4, pseudo-original articles: support combined title, paragraph upset, replace synonyms, keywords and automatically linked with random keyword insertion to facilitate the search engine revenue.
5, other SEO shop help: built-PR value, keyword ranking, the number of sites indexed, keyword density and many other personalised small power tools, user-friendly, improve work efficiency.
6, quick identification code: registration of various types of blog account forum account will automatically fill in user account information, the user need only fill in the verification code and submit the registration is successful.
7, the sprocket/chaining functions: adding links to other articles in the series of items, promote cross included, the number of the plurality of network can be added to the number of links.
8, flexible data management: a full range of data management, supports uploading backup download, import and export backup and restore feature that allows you to manage several critical control information websites without worry easily.

Buy this software, we can provide a USB dongle, a manual paper user’s manual, an installation disk (or can be downloaded from the website do not necessarily need the disc), and we default hair SF Express shipping (SF less of Alternatively STO tact or the EMS), usually 1-3 days to receive the installation can be used without registration code. The software can be installed more than one, but only plug in the dongle to use that station. USB dongle year warranty. If it is missing or damaged human or beyond the warranty period, the dongle can make available, only received 150 yuan cost and package delivery.


(1) you buy in the agent software, service and support provided by the agents!
(2) All versions of the software using a term of one year, starting from the second year annual fee Price (website price) 1/3 per year, as upgrade and maintenance costs. Software above prices includes 17 percent VAT invoices.

1. The list of sites and software support function:

Chinese mainstream support large portal blog and forums, as of June 2014 reached about 100, including: Sina blog, 163 Netease blog, China blog, Sohu blog, Baidu Space, Google, Phoenix blog, and news blog,, blog bus blog bus, End of the World blog, Csdn blog, East Fortune blog, CICC blog, watercress, Ruili blog, Tudou personal space, Zhongguancun online blog, China picture personal space, Red net show off, SouFun blog, by Bokee.Net bit blog, Extreme IT blog, red beans blog network, public forums, ClickZ network, Global online blog, Securities Finance blog, 51CTO technology blog, territory free web space, entrepreneur, FC2 blog, baby Home _ Parenting blog – the cradle of space, blog channel -Mtime time network, Peninsula blog, PClady drying-off, China Securities network blog, city travel blog, YOKA fashion network space, Jinti.Com- blog channel, my neighbor network space, Granville _ pig network passenger space, babytree baby tree, Olympic web blog, Xicihutong community, LONDON blog, blog Shenzhen hotline hotline, 365 blog, ChinaUnix blog, Baidu Encyclopedia, Wikipedia, interactive encyclopedia, everyone, happy , Wash rice network, little net | light blog, Sina light blog, Tencent QQ space, Sohu Weibo, Sina Weibo, Tencent microblogging, microblogging Netease, muttering Picture Network, petal picture, Baidu Post Bar, and telecommunications shares it, go to the market net, Jinti classified information, Yi Deng network, Baidu know, End of the World Q & A, come on the horizon, a distant classified information, a list of the network, a long time information network, China classified information network, Healthcare net, net wealth of the East Forum, car Forum – the online auto market, SouFun forum, Sohu owners forum, Csdn programmers forum, Alibaba business forum, Zhongguancun online software forum, the Forum Nokia China Mobile, the mobile phone forums, WeiPhone Wei Feng network, NetEase news forums, Voices Forum, CDC community and so on.
English support high weights website, as of June 2014 reached more than twenty, including: Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google +,,, Viviti,, Blogster, Thoughts, Wikispaces, Quizilla, BlogHer , Tumblr, Devhub, Skyrock,, Webs,, EklaBlog, Overblog, like;
Support Japanese and Korean Fan small language high weights website, as of June 2014 reached more than twenty, including Taiwan blog, Taiwan PcHome blog, Ameba, JUGEM,, yam sky tribe, BabyHome, Zhan BBS and other countries;
Mainstream support single-user, multi-user public establishment of the station program type, including a large number of domestic and foreign forums Forum (Professional Edition station group module) more than one hundred and eighty kinds, including: CMS template type, automatic authentication type, universal custom publisher station, ZBlog, WordPress, DedeCms (weaving dreams), Empire CMS, dynamic and easy CMS, Bo-BLog blog, Pjblog blog, worry-free CMS, php168 (V6) Cms, KingCMS 5.0 ASP, ActCms 3.0, a new cloud CMS4.0, PhpCms2008, emlog, SDCMS Times website information management system, MovableTypeCMS, Typecho CMS, KingCMS PHP, Joomla English CMS, all network owner, Science News CMS, PhpMps CMS, Joomla Chinese CMS, Destoon CMS, Asp CMS, very Rui Zhongwen CMS, ZencartCMS, php168 classified information CMS, extension Qing CMS, Microsoft Live space blog, Shopex, ecShop, enterprise QQ space, iwms, OBLOG3, Discuz Forum, PBDigg article station, PhpWind forum, the official station Action Network blog, WordPress Mu, FreeBlog English blog, phpFox-Powered By phpFox, Blog System Demo Site, Weblog Blogs,, UnknownEdu message boards, UnknownBoard Japanese bulletin board, DorkWeb blog comments, Clever bulletin board, Custombbs bulletin board, NingGlamSocial, Bravenet, Telligent forum, Cbox comment , PhpBB2 forum, Advanced Guestbook, Lazarus Guestbook, Burning Board Forum, Burning Board Forum minority languages, Jiskoshij Micblog, Scritter Micblog, EMeeting forum, JoomalaComment message board comments, EBlah Forum, YetAnother Forum, YetAnother small language forums, vBulletin Forum, WordPress blog comments, Guessbook comment, PhpBB3 forum, Piwigo album reviews, Zenphoto foreign album reviews, Images4 foreign album reviews, Osclass abroad classified ads, Noah abroad classified ads, DataLife message board comments, Invision Power IpBoard Forum, UseBB Forum, shownews news commentary, PeplePods SNS, Etano SNS, direct sales people forum, Discuz5d6d, Kentweb, Aef, Vanilla, BioWare Social Network, phpLD Category, miniBB foreign forum, Kunena foreign forum, Fud foreign forum, Gubby French Guestbook comments, nuked French message board comments, Openblog blog comments, phpweb Member Center, Oxwall Social, Gallery album, Surpz blog, Xoops, Daum comment, Fluxbb foreign forum, WebWiz foreign forum, MercuryBoard foreign forum, FireBoardImpl foreign forum, FireBoard small language Forum, Drupal comment, Tikiwiki English Wiki, Blogtonix English SnS blog, bbPress, Wp-Answers Demo, WordPres | Classified Ads Software, Smartblog, Profile Blog, Vbulletin Blog, Phpfusion Blog, Phpmotion blog, Skadate English community blog, Dzoic English community blog, MediaWiki English Wiki, Onesite community Guest, IwebsSns community blog, Discux X community blog, Micolog English blog comments, wordPress & BuddyPress English blog, Elgg foreign blog, JcowImpl foreign blog, Phpdug English bookmark, Yabb foreign forum, Expressionengine foreign forum, ArticleMS English article submission,

2. The difference between the versions of the software introduced:

Professional Edition is a fully functional version,

3. Operating Environment software and hardware configuration requirements

CPU: Inter @ 2.50GHz dual-core or higher (CPU higher the better, the more smooth running)
HDD: 40G or more
Memory: 1G above, it is recommended 2G;
Display: 1024 * 768 or more;
Peripherals: USB interface, keyboard and mouse;
Network bandwidth: 512K above; recommend 2M-8M;
It does not support remote terminal services; therefore unavailable for server, software can only be used by a local console;
Operating System: Supports Windows 2000/2003 // XP / Vista / win7, including 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
Because the process of running software requires a lot of network connection to operate, page source code analysis, code analysis and identification pictures, articles automatic processing operation, it would take a lot of CPU resources. We recommend the use of a high-profile computer to run the software. If the hardware configuration is not very good, the thread must be set during operation (parameter Aa) down.

4. Upgrade and future sustainable development program description

We regularly add new sites to support. Every week released automatically updated 2-3 times. Newly added site, not just blog. It may also increase portal forums, forum, paste it, support the classification information station, DIGG, news sources, news delivery and other sites. According to user suggestions and Bugs research, all valuable can publish information and sites outside the chain; they are likely to be increased to support software among. Wise advice particular site.

In order to maintain the software and maintain the vitality of the software, to ensure the continued development and maintenance, but also ensure that the interests of users, the software method to take charge annual fees: you buy the software, a free upgrade within the first year and technical support, from the second year starter, each software version of the software pricing charge an annual fee of 1/3 of the cost. Overdue renewals will not use the software. Until after the renewals, the software will re-open. For a period without the use of software users, may submit sealed software (minimum two months) to the customer, not counting storage time in the life.


GSA Ranker SEO Software

while on page SEO is relatively easy to do, building backlinks are more complicated. Well, things have changed with GSA Search Engine Ranker.With GSA Search Engine Ranker you will never have to worry about backlinks again. This software can run endlessly and build backlinks for you 7 days a week.Unlike other SEO software, it will not need any database of submission sites. GSA Ranker will locate new targets for you and submit your website to them automatically.But we don’t stop there. The software will also verify website submissions, making sure that the link really exists. After a while you will see all the build backlinks with all attributes like the anchor text, the number of incoming and outgoing links, type of backlink (do follow or nofollow).With this SEO software, you don’t need to care about anything again. The software will create backlinks for you and will, of course, do it on your set of rules like only submit to high page rank websites or skip the submission on sites with too many outgoing links.This search engine optimization tool can be extended to almost any submission tool supporting any website submission you like by a simple script engine.You are not limited to submit one website at a time. You can define as many projects as you want and all get submitted simultaneously.

Along with GSA SEO Indexer, you will get your site into the major engines like Google or Bing within minutes where you previously had to wait days or perhaps weeks.The technique is very popular with SEO specialists and works by submitting your website to a lot of whois and statistics websites and search engines itself, resulting in numerous backlinks.Although these created links are just dynamic in most cases (they are generally not visible to someone who browses that website), you still take advantage of this submission type since your webpage will be visible in all type of log files as well as databases that get also checked by search engines like google.Our own software can also submit a number of URLs/Domains at the same time when you have more than one to index. There are more than 1400 websites where your site can be submitted with our product (50 in demo version) all happening within a short time.


Xrumer SEO Software

Xrumer is a forum spamming software marketed as search engine optimization program, created by BotmasterLabs, that is able to register and post to forums (forum spam) with the aim of boosting search engine rankings. The program is able to bypass security techniques commonly used by many forums and blogs to deter automated spam, such as account registration, client detection, many forms of CAPTCHAs, and e-mail activation before posting. The program utilizes SOCKS and HTTP proxies in an attempt to make it more difficult for administrators to block posts by source IP and features a proxy checking tool to verify the integrity and anonymity of the proxies used.

Xrumer is an automated link builder, you may or may not want this kind of program. Given the low-quality links, I’d certainly advise against using it on your main site or if you’re not familiar with blackhat tools. Instead of either build links manually with a good keyword phrase or plum for igniting SEO. However, if you have a large farm of sites that you want quickly indexed, Xrumer will do a good job of pointing Google’s spiders to them.

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