4 Important Factors That Determine Web Page’s SERP Ranking

4 Important Factors That Determine Web Page’s SERP Ranking

Google and other Search engine use advanced algorithms to determine the rank of a web page. Although google will not reveal the exact algorithms, the basics are commonly known to experts

1. The specific web page needs good backlinks

A backlink is an HTML link from another web page to your web page. If you want to get top 10 rankings, you need many good quality backlinks. It’s a simple concept: if page x links to page y, then it is a reference from page x to page y. The more links point to the target web page, the better your rankings.

The quality of the links is also critical. A link that contains the key phrase for which you desire to have higher rankings in the link text is useful than five links with the text “Read more.” A link from a reputable website that has a related theme is much better than links from unrelated websites.

2.Optimizing web page content

Search engines’ algorithms analyze the text content of a web page and visual factors Google also analyzes the content of nearby web pages to guarantee the results returned are the most suitable to a user’s query.

As the algorithms analyze the full content of web pages, the full content of the web pages should be optimized. The webmaster has to optimize all factors that can impact your search engine rankings.

The difficulty is that many webmasters don’t know which page factors can be significant.
The text in the web pages and the backlinks from other sites are the most valuable ranking factors. In addition to these factors, google also considers the mentions of your website on social networks.
The more often the target URL is mentioned on social networks, the more popular it seems to be. That can provide the page a ranking boost. At this time, good quality content and backlinks are much more important than social mentions.
4. the content quantity
Google crawls a website as a whole. All pages of a website are analyzed in this process. That means that one should optimize man pages in a website for various but related keywords. The more web pages in a website are optimized for specific keywords the more likely it is that a web page will get higher rankings for a keyword that is related to that subject.

It is not enough to optimize an individual web page, and a good website should have multiple pages.

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