The Difference Between Good and Bad SEO methods

The Difference Between Good and Bad SEO methods

We all don’t have extra time to spend. For that cause, many fall for the promises of dubious SEO experts that promise fast and simple solutions.

Many of dubious SEO techniques work great, but not for long. That’s reason so many professionals use them. When Google discovers that A website is using such a technique to improve SERP, odds are that the website will be removed, sometimes permanently from Google’s index:

Spam SEO techniques
No one likes to be cheated. Google’s developers are working hard on exposing spam websites that are used to manipulate their algorithm
Most search engines consider the following spam:
cloaking – The website displays different content to search engines and human visitors
misleading redirects
hidden text
Using automated linking methods
artificial websites networks
automatically created content
blog comments with links to your site
paid links

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