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Three steps for beginners micro-channel marketing
There is micro letter public on the login page platform saying: “no matter how small the individual, also has its brand.” Micro-channel marketing is arguably one of the hottest marketing now; it’s a powerful place that allows individuals also establish own brand. But everyone wants micro-channel marketing, really know how to do very little. Now I want to start with the definition of “micro-channel marketing”, and how to select the correct micro-channel marketing and how to produce content to meet user needs, to share some of my views on how well the micro-channel marketing.

First of all, we come to the next definition of “micro-channel marketing.” “Micro-channel marketing,” as the name suggests, is to promote the use of micro-channel marketing. Micro-channel now has 889 million monthly active users, such a huge user base to make micro-channel marketing has become one of the most effective ways of marketing.

Since the micro-channel design itself, the biggest feature micro-channel marketing is: be one of precision marketing, with mobile terminals, natural and social position location and other advantages, each message can be pushed to the user’s mobile phone, achieve one precise marketing. The use of micro-channel marketing can drill target groups; users need to provide value and strengthen ties between the users. For example, Durex micro-channel public number out of a virtual character called “Dudu”, and establish a good relationship with the product and the user via push gender knowledge, to achieve good marketing results.

In the micro-channel marketing popular today, almost everyone follows the trend of doing micro-channel marketing. But you have not thought about their brand suitable for micro-channel marketing it?

Not all brands are suitable for micro-channel marketing, restaurants, some entities using a scan code after ordering public concern number, send coupons and other ways of marketing, but if the number does not push the valuable public content, what users will point postprandial not cancel concern? For individuals, he is the brand; the content is the product itself, you can not produce valuable content to the user, determine if you can do micro-channel marketing.

How to judge their brand is appropriate to micro-channel marketing? It should judged on the following aspects:

Purchase rate: For businesses, the ability to facilitate users to buy, to achieve the purpose of sale;
Satisfaction: users are satisfied with your micro-channel push content to accept your product or service;
Efficiency: For businesses, companies can improve operational efficiency, improve service;
New users: whether by micro-channel marketing, adding new users, expand its influence.

So, do follow the trend of micro-channel marketing is not correct. Of course, like the general volume of such micro-channel platform, marketers want to make a profit, this is understandable. So, for zero-based operators, to develop the right marketing strategies according to their situation. Now, I want to talk about how to choose the right micro-channel marketing.

In fact, there is much micro-channel marketing way; I will list them below, then select a case consolidated statement:

Micro-channel public number: The most common way by way of regular push content to customers for marketing, divided subscription number, company number and service number, usual companies will choose to do service number or business number, and individual operators are do subscription number;
Micro-channel group: The target users come together to build a community, for routine maintenance and development, organized some activities to increase user activity and user stickiness, thereby increasing user awareness of the brand, to achieve the purpose of marketing.
Small micro-channel program: the applet is a new application form, the application does not need to download and install to use the applet public number binding, more traffic can be introduced, may be applied to offline sales among;
Circle of friends: can be regarded as a marketing way, with a circle of friends, the image of itself as an expert, thus enhancing the effect of marketing.
For example, if I want to be a micro-channel marketing online education course, then I’ll push with daily subscription number dry paper; and curriculum support services with service numbers, such as Q & A, homework, test scores, etc. to see; in my circle of friends is shaping the image of a small squad, some courses for sending posters, writing marketing content articles, regular courses and other special offers; and finally select the courses relevant keywords, a small program landing page.

So how should the selection of suitable micro-channel marketing? That goes back to the age-old topic: First define your position, and secondly to analyze your users to choose how they should grasp the micro-channel marketing. About the method how to locate and make an analysis of users, I have no difficulty since the media everyday topics? How should do the topic? This answer has a more detailed introduction, not repeat them here.

I think, do micro-channel marketing, and even make new media marketing, content marketing is doing. Good content is the foundation of good micro-channel marketing, here I leave from personal experience, some of the views on how to introduce content production

1. follow the principle of analyzing users’ path to purchase

Content production has several important principles. First, we must continue to output, to have a sense of presence for a long time in the user, otherwise push frequency is too low, users will soon forget who you are. The second is to give priority to service users, not just to create a personal brand; you need to surround the user to purchase a path to develop the content strategy.

“Users purchase path” refers to the entire process from the user to generate demand reached purchased, includes the following sections:

Awareness: This relates to the user’s awareness, including user awareness of your brand and outreach of their needs;
Consideration: After a user to search for information, would be more found their products, to evaluate and judge;
Decision: user reached the stage of purchase.
2. Develop strategies based on user content purchase path

In the Awareness phase, the user should do demand for your product fit the part, to output content to establish the user’s awareness, so that users know that they have such needs, and so you can meet this demand; and provide dry, product content, user evaluation, achieve brand-building, re-use such as white papers, build analysis reports, industry assessment of their authority, allowing users to think that you are a reliable source of information. For example, “Harper’s Bazaar” such a fashion queen, often push something like “summer sunscreen Guide” article, creating awareness “need summer sun” for the beauty of women, and by the evaluation report on sunscreen products so user acceptance “Bazaar” reliability.

In Condition stage, you need to use your collected user information to develop precise content , as much as possible precisely to the individual, and try to avoid being impractical stereotyped in content production, such as “trade front,” “latest technology”, but the implementation of the specific and feasible “increase profits”, “improve efficiency” user desired goals. Or use the “Bazaar” For example, it will not push for an average income woman of different outfit guidelines, and the article will use numbers show their contents can effectively help women find different revenue in line with their income, life scenes style of dress.

In Decision stage, you need to export all brand-related details, such as user review summary purchased, organize your product tips, etc., continuously enhance the user’s impression of you, finally led to the purchase. The ultimate goal of “Harper’s Bazaar” is to facilitate users to buy magazines and cosmetics, clothing, and therefore often summarized readers’ comments, evaluation, so that users recognize their authority, but also to achieve the purpose of marketing through word of mouth marketing.

3. master the skills of writing

Writing begins topics. I’m from the daily media topics have any difficulty? How do topic? This answer describes some of the topics of my experience and skills; the most important topic is inspired by user feedback, it is the real “remedy”; Second, you need to build a content library, ready access to the latest information industry and hot spots.

In writing, you can select unique writing point of view, write down the user psychology, or deliberately against the written; it is best to form their unique style of language, such as give themselves a lieu of that, to determine their path or route is humour highway.

4. Content well, what?

For chestnut explained my view of content done especially well is what the public number.

I like “fat ugly night,” the public number, from early life every day, to be transformed into fashion bloggers, opened a dry goods style after Taobao shop, positioning is obvious.

Fat ugly night

An important reason for her writing and typesetting language has its own set of style, pollution can be cool, which is to attract many fans; Xu clear writing role, claiming Xu teacher immediately narrow the distance between the fans and one.

Fat ugly night 2

Good content, in fact, is to do the micro-channel marketing as well as more than half of new media marketing. These are my content produced little experience, but I hope to hear more different opinions, welcome to the comments section and I discuss together so that I can learn more.

If you want a more systematic study of new media marketing, please apply now free ” new media study room ” course.

Developing a Mobile Marketing Strategy is Essential For Every Business

Developing a Mobile Marketing Strategy is Essential For Every Business

In order to take a customer-centric approach to mobile engagement, companies need to observe consumer context in real time, collect mobile insights, and improve targeting across all channels. Captivate puts customer insight and personalized interactions at the center of your mobile marketing efforts with sophisticated, device-based engagement logic.

Instead of an annoying barrage of ads all day long, personalized mobile engagement solutions use context to provide relevance. Proximity is a starting place but is a very poor leading indicator until it is combined with the context gleaned from smartphones, as well as circumstances like day, time and shopping habits.
Mobile is a unique opportunity. Never have we had the chance to be on a device so personal, so critical to our customers’ lifestyle. To capitalize on the potential of mobile, brands and enterprises must approach it as if it were a relationship by personalizing experiences in ways never before available. Build deep mobile relationships with users.

Supercharge mobile conversions with personalized promotions Instead

Deliver a VIP mobile experience to your most valued customers Mobile can be an opportunity like no other.

Apps are now an integral part of our daily micro-moments, with people spending an average of 30 hours per month in them, according to Researches .

Apps are also a powerful way for brands to build deeper relationships with their customers. A mobile app marketing strategy can complement a brand’s offline experience (in-store special offers, for example), drive e-commerce, or simply help connect a brand with its loyal customers. Together with mobile websites, they’ve become important to both consumers and marketers.

So how can brands best tap into these vast app-consuming audiences? To find out how consumers are using apps, we conducted research with Ipsos MediaCT. Surveying 8,470 people with smartphones who had used apps in the previous week, we uncovered new insights about what drives consumers to install and engage with mobile apps. For example, one in four installed apps is never used, according to your research. So, what causes people to abandon an app?.

Marketers may assume that consumers head to an application store to find new apps-and a good portion do. In fact, 40% of smartphone users browse for apps in app stores. They remain a popular way to find new apps, from the latest in gaming to fitness tracking, music streaming, and much more. App stores are not the only way to discover apps, though.

People are finding out about applications in all kinds of instances while using their smartphones-when they’re engaged in an app, searching for another specific app, watching a YouTube video, or even surfing a mobile website. Search is a major source for application discovery, according to our research: One in four app users discovers an application through search. Say, for example, a business traveler has to fly to Miami on short notice and needs to find a place to stay. He heads to Google Search to look for hotels in Miami” and finds an app that lists available local hotel rooms and short-term rentals. Because he’s a frequent traveler, he decides to download the application to help him book his stay.

Discovery through a search engine is especially prevalent for local apps, as are the tech (looking for reviews of new gadgets, for example) and travel (such as wanting to confirm trip details) categories. In these three categories, people are 26% (local), 59% (technology), and 30% (travel) more likely than the average to use search to find the apps they seek.

For marketers, this means making sure your app stands out wherever smartphone users are looking to discover apps relevant to their interests. And with Statista2 reporting that over 3 million mobile apps are currently available for download, that factor is more important than ever in today’s flooded app market.

How do you get your app noticed? You can increase visibility by focusing your app promotion on the consumer experience designed for downloads, using mobile application install campaigns, for example. This way, your brand is able to reach broader audiences while looking for an app similar to yours. In addition to search, extending your campaign across ad formats that drive application installations, including display and video, can help people discover your applications anywhere.

HotelsCombined, for example, introduced Google Search and AdMob to its mobile app online marketing strategy in 2014. Downloads of its app, which compares hotel prices across hundreds of sites and apps for destinations all over the world, increased 150% from July to August, and there was a 20% lower cost per acquisition than on any other network. By implementing Google’s search and screen app promotion promotions, HotelsCombined helped people discover its application on a global scale.

People turn to apps to ease their daily grind. And they’re much more likely to use them if they serve a specific purpose. Our research revealed that two in three will use an app frequently when it simplifies their lives. For instance, you can use a retail app, such as that of Walgreens’, to consider deals-sale items and coupons-while you’re shopping in-store. Apps can be quite helpful during a customer’s purchase journey. Actually, one in two application users turns to them to find information about a business or product or even to make a purchase.

The flip side is that applications can also be abandoned immediately after that transaction. Thirty-eight percent of those surveyed said they’re likely to download an app when it’s required to complete a purchase. Once they’ve completed that purchase, however, half will uninstall that just-downloaded application and move on.

Mobile app engagement ads can help remind users about your app’s value and get them back to your app. Let’s say someone is about to participate in a marathon and needs a pair of running shoes so she searches for “women’s jogging shoes.” As it turns out, she already has a shopping application installed on her smartphone that she used to find a lightweight running jacket last summer. The same app could reach out to her through a mobile application engagement ad (across search and display), reminding her of its presence and alerting her to a discount on running shoes.

Another way to help people find what they’re looking for is by adding deep links to your ads. In this manner, the mobile app engagement advertisement links to the most relevant parts of your app. Take that shopping application we just mentioned, for example. A deep link could bring that marathoner directly to listings inside the app for jogging shoes for women.

What Is Content Marketing

What Is Content Marketing

Useful content should be at the core of your marketing

Traditional marketing is now less and less effective; as a marketer with a foresight, you understand there needs to be a much better methodology

Content marketing is a proper marketing approach centered on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and constant content to attract and retain a defined audience – and clearly, ultimately, to operate a vehicle profitable customer action.

Of pitching your products instead, you are providing truly relevant and useful content to your visitors and potential clients to help them solve their issues.

Content marketing can be used by leading brands

researches show almost all marketers are employing content marketing. Actually, it can be used by many prominent organizations in the global markets

HexaSeo provides a complete internet marketing service for your online business, from website design to search engine optimization (SEO) to search engine marketing (SEM) and beyond. Bring your dream, and Hexaseo will translate them into a marketing plan that will deliver results for your business.

HexaSeo is your SEO Company and Web Design Company with solutions for business owners. Our complete internet marketing, SEO strategies, and web design platform allow you to obtain the highest returns on your internet advertising investment. We create unique marketing plans centered around being the best SEO company for each client to provide an affordable Internet Marketing strategy.

HexaSEO provides a full range of services in Web Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click Management (PPC/Comparison Shopping), Email Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Blog Development, Social Media Marketing (Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, G+, etc).HexaSeo will drive targeted traffic to your site with a combination of On Page SEO techniques and Off Page SEO tactics. You will receive weekly reports of your web traffic and activity. We will help you to design or redesign your website to convert more website visitors into customers. The best local SEO campaigns start by using the correct social and business media platforms for your business. HexaSeo is an SEO Company in Israel that has a proven track record of helping thousands of businesses worldwide.

Hexaseo’s core business is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for business owners. Using a blend of best SEO tactics, we are now serving thousands of clients worldwide as a top SEO company. The goal of search engine optimization is to drive a steady stream of qualified leads to your website by making sure that your website shows for premium keyword strings on the first page of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, and more. With effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you can limit the cyclical nature of business. Your high organic placement for keywords that best reflect your services will help your business to grow.
SEO provided by – SEO Tel Aviv | SEO TLV | SEO Company Jerusalem

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