Introduction to Digital Marketing

Introduction to Digital Marketing


1 What is Digital Marketing Introduction
2 1) Social Media Marketing
Three 2) Google Ads Marketing
4 3) Email Marketing
5 4) Content Marketing
6 5) SEO
7 6) Affiliate Marketing
7.1 IMPORTANT for Digital Marketing:
What is Digital Marketing? Recently, the term Digital Marketing is heard more and more often among entrepreneurs and young people who want a better professional future.

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What is Digital Marketing?

The term Digital Marketing is a new term for Online Marketing. It is essentially the same but more sophisticated. It’s the future of Online Marketing.

But let’s see in detail what it is!

To be a viable business, must-do marketing actions to increase its customer base whether it sells products or services.

In these efforts, there are 2 types of marketing. Traditional offline marketing and the newest one that utilizes digital media and is called Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing is the process by which a business advertises Online on the Internet.

That is, it is all these processes and the actions that a company will do to increase its customer base and its recognition in the Online environment.

Now that we speak the same language let’s analyze it more! In digital marketing, all channels are essential to your customers.

1) Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing is the actions that a company takes to advertise itself on Social Media.

But why is it essential for a company to advertise itself on Social Media?

This question can be answered very quickly. At the moment you are reading this article, about 3.5 billion people are searching on Facebook.

What are they looking for?

Anything that might interest them. Services, products, news, literally everything, there is no limit on the searches that are done.

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So if someone thinks more “slyly”, they will say that there is no business that does not advertise on Facebook. Other Social Media can be Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and others.

Social Media’s possibilities for a company to connect with its customers and the target audience are incredible.

2) Google Ads Marketing
What is Google Ads?

Google Ads are the ads that a business or company can create on Google’s well-known platform to increase its online presence, customer base and sales.

There are two billion searches on Google every day. Thousands of websites are fighting for a place on the podium.

But this is not easy at all, and as time goes on, things become more and more complex for a website to rise to a higher position in the Google rankings.

As a result, any business can disregard this process. The corrective actions you must take and the content that you must create and create ads will appear on the first page for the keywords that she is interested in for as long as it pays.


Let’s think of a plumber who wants to find more customers to increase his profits.

Wouldn’t it make sense for customers to search for the keyword “plumber”?

Of course, it would be, and in fact, it would bring new customers to this business.

So this plumber would make an ad on the Google platform, and for as long as he would pay, he would appear on the first page of Google, and even why not in the first result of the first page.

3) Email Marketing
Does a business need email marketing? You will most often hear Americans say even now that Money is on the List. What do they mean by that?

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Americans mean money is on the list! Though.

When a company can compile a list that contains an audience interested in its services, it can send them informative emails about new products/services and offers.

Of course, users need to know the terms and have agreed to join the list. (see GDPR )

Email Marketing is the process by which a business promotes itself to potential customers via email.

All those promotions that one can do via email and bring sales increase and keep closer contact with customers are called email marketing.

4) Content Marketing
Content Marketing or otherwise content marketing. The proposal “Content is King” is released, and rightly so because everything revolves around it.

Content marketing is a cornerstone of Digital Marketing as all campaigns aim to inform each visitor or customer properly.

We all search on Google and other search engines to find what suits us as a result.

Whichever site satisfies our need will win our heart, and this means that we will visit it more and more because we know that it can solve our questions with clarity and validity.

So Content Marketing is the way a business will get a visitor and make him a customer in the future. Every website must have valuable content.

5) SEO
SEO or Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Optimization, by whatever name you hear it out there in the internet world, you will immediately know that it refers to how a business can improve its website ranking on Google and other browsers.

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We will not go into much detail because the subject is quite technical, and we will need to monopolize the article.

We can say about this aspect of Digital Marketing that google and other search engines love perfection. They love fast websites. They love unique content, they love well-structured sites and so on.

6) Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing is quite popular abroad. On the other hand in Greece not many companies use it. Affiliate Marketing is a way for any business to turn anyone interested into a salesperson.

Basically, in Affiliate Marketing, you can make money by promoting products or services of others.

But let us give an example to understand it better.

On the web-net, we decide to promote our services, and we tell everyone interested that if they bring us, customers, they will keep 8-10% in every deal.

So anyone interested can promote our services. When a successful sale is made, keep the percentage we have agreed. This can be done online with websites that have a lot of traffic.

The validity of the sale is ensured through cookies and Links, which give each visitor a unique ID so that everybody can follow the statistics.

Did I give you a little idea of ​​what Digital Marketing is?


IMPORTANT for Digital Marketing:
For all Marketing actions to be successful, it is necessary to have all the traffic you can have on your website from all sources. All aspects of your website need to be analyzed through severe real-time research.

From one mistake to another, your website can lose momentum’s momentum. But other words are not needed, so let’s look at Marketing.

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