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XRumer 19.0

XRumer 19.0

XRumer 19.0

Our team worked for more than six months on the new version and added many improvements, bug fixes, and changes!

Please spend up to 10 minutes of your time reading the description to get more efficiency from the new version. It’s essential!

More than 10x times traffic effect increase

Our team has done considerable work in the training of XRumer’s for new textual captcha used on widespread and trusted forums and most moderated. For this purpose, a new crowdsource service was used, which showed very high efficiency at a relatively low cost, and You will use it in the future.

In reports, you can see the following report type “…”…textual captcha solved[v19];…” …”- those are text captchas solved via a new method. Most of them are trusted, popular. But of course, moderated.

We have also greatly improved the general logic of form processing – improved bypass of anti-bot protection from the last version of IPBoard and XenForo, significantly improved processing of unknown fields and forms. The developers upgraded the general logic of standard form processing, the same as WordPress and Joomla.

Also, the fixed work of #trans macros (described work of it below) helps increase the potential traffic and benefit of posting several times.

To compare the difference between the previous and new version, it was traditionally made a test with two identical Projects, according to the following scheme:

  • 1. Was made pre-registration of profiles(accounts) in “Registration only” mode. We used a small database of trusted forums for 16.000 links.
  • 2. After several days, was made posting using “Posting from previously registered user” on same database + additional posting on R-database for “up” of topics.
  • 3. Besides, this was submitted on contact forms, on a different database on 930 000 resources.

Moreover, the message’s text was created using new social engineering (so-called viral topics/messages/images), making accent on maximal provocation for clicking on the link. In a future lesson, we will describe the method.

As results – we got a massive difference in direct traffic received, which indicates higher efficiency and success rate of the new version:

XRumer 19.0 + XEvil 4.0 traffic effect

List of changes and improvements from XRumer 19.0

There is no significant difference between those 2 (153.000 successful in X18 and 160.000 successful in X19) on contact form posting. The direct traffic in version 18 was received, especially from the contact form.

But if we take a look at results received from trusted forums, we will see a HUGE difference (only 1.100 in X18 and 7.000 in X19).

Using counter visits (, we can see that this difference has created a massive break between old and new version efficiency. So new XRumer 19.0 is much more effective in posting on trusted high visited popular resources.

Of course, on many of those sites, soon will be changed protection, but using the new crowd-platform, we will train soft to bypass it repeatedly, so this will allow posting to those resources again and again and get maximum benefits them. All crowdsource we fully cover training costs, and there is no need to pay extra.

Also, a unique role was played by the macro #trans, using it – message text was sent in the language of the target resource. This factor increased the readability of the topic and reduced the possibility of topic removal. In many issues appeared even hot discussions on problems created by XRumer.

Auto-translation to language of target website

We remind you that macros #trans … #notrans is used for automatic translation of text added in macros on the language of the target website. For some time, these macros stopped working in XRumer because Google Translate closed free API usage for its translation service.

It works with Yandex Cloud API (Yandex. Translate), but we also plan to add in future Google API. Both services offer a free period of usage. Moreover, Yandex Cloud now offers 4000 rubles on account of a test period. This is more than enough for use in XRumer.

More than 8M UTLs in our databases

The total volume of databases for the last year of updates has exceeded 8 million unique links (unique domains), and we constantly increase and update the resources provided by XRumer.

New databases are considerably cleared up from old recourses, especially databases of profiles.

New XRumer 19.0 contains databases for default posting, same as for profile registration:

  • TrustedLinksFull.txt – 87.000 links
  • TrustedLinksChecked.txt – 28.000 links
  • Posting.2019.07.txt – 134.000 links
  • Posting.2019.07_Big.Mixed.txt – 6.800.000 links
  • Posting.2019.07_Big.NoContact.txt – 4.800.000 links
  • Profiles.2019.07_All.txt – 146.000 links
  • Profiles.2019.07_NotRus.txt – 122.000 links
  • Profiles.2019.07_Rus.txt – 29.000 links

The new database can be downloaded here: LinksList.2019.07.rar

New design of advanced settings

The settings tab now is more “user friendly” for usage and is much easier to be understood by beginners or new users of XRumer.

XRumer 19.0 + XEvil 4.0 traffic effect

The “Interface” and “Press on “Start from the beginning” setting blocks, which are rarely used, are moved to “Logs reports” – settings.

Now, choose of promotion mode is more straightforward: “Posting,” “Antispam,” “Mass-PM,” and “Refspam” are now set up on the same panel. They are not divided into different parts of the program interface, which made it difficult to understand, especially for beginners.

Auto-crosslink of topics during posting

New macros #crosslink – an essential element that significantly simplifies the life of those who use XRumer for link building.

If before, to crosslink posts/topics between themselves, it was necessary to use “Database Analyzer,” “Database Filter,” macro #file_links, and several other routine operations. Now crosslinking is possible during usual posting with a single line in any place of text from Project – #crosslink or #crosslink [parameters]

#crosslink macros will automatically add links to other created topics from the same Project and Database.

64-bit database processing tools

We put the tools of database processing into 64-bit mode, which will allow working with big-sized databases and reports and improve CPU and RAM usage. For now, this tool contains the following functions: “Database analyzer,” “Database filter,” “Move database.”

XEvil 4.0 with Google ReCaptcha-2 solver

Described results in comparative testing would be impossible without XEvil 4.0 beta with recognition of ReCaptcha 2.


A detailed list of changes and improvements:

+ Improved authorization system
+ Significantly increased detail of Debug logs (Debug folder) for single-flow debugging; it extends the possibilities for creating and debugging Mods for developers
+ Significantly improved work of “Mass-PM” mode:
  — improved logic of work with Ucoz, XenForo, Discuz, IPB, DLE engines.
  — improved debugging of the program's action
  — fixed "Range check error", which could occur in the test mode
  — added support for vBulletin 4.2.5, vBulletin 5.2.4, Yet Another Forum
  — corrected the logic for creation of multi-message
  — improved user list obtaining logic
  — improved fulfill logic of PM receiver name

+ Considerably improved work of Antispam mode:
  — added full support of UTF-8, database of is now called "nodes_utf8.txt"
  — improved post collection on VBulletin, Discuz, IPB, IPS4, Ucoz, XenForo, Kunena Forum platforms
  — reduced the chance of "idle" on detecting of own nickname
  — reduced probability of "idle" operation on foreign forms
  — supplemented set of spam markers \Antispam\spamtopics.txt
  — Improved traceability of links to response from the selected topic
  — Improved use of neutral phrases, if it's enabled
  — Improved process of redirects at topic collect

+ Support of big size database files (over 2 Gb) is implemented and stability of work of tools is increased due adding of separate 64-bit module:
  — “Database analyzer”
  — “Database filter”
  — “Shuffle database”

+ It was added support for calling through console of the above tools
+ Debug mode now is more detailed (work of “Test” button)
  — It was added logging to \Debug\Path.txt of several logic blocks
  — Increased log detailing \Debug\URLs_Detailed.txt – with display of link elements

+ Was implemented automatic crosslinking of topics/posting with the new macro #crosslink syntax similar to #file_links, but it is not necessary to specify the file name – a special Crosslink-report is used); note: in the Aggressive mode and Anchors-report the generation of Crosslink-report does not work
+ Updated interface of Advanced options:
  — Now in one place is possible to choose “Basic mode” and “Promote mode”
  — Default mode now is more obvious (it’s analogical to enable “Only registration”, “Posting on behalf of previoususer” and “Registration + posting”)
  — Blocks “At press “Start …” and “Interface” are moved to Setting of report
  — Option “automatic start at close” was removed (do not confuse with “Resume from last position”

+ now in Project it’s not necessary to fulfill fields “Topic” and “Text message” in “Only registration” mode
+ considerably increased success rate at registration on latest version of XenForo and IPBoard Community
+ Was changed proportion for captcha recognition attempts in “Speed – Success rate”
+ based on analyses of “Part-successful” reports was improved success rate on some engines.
+ macros @trans is working again (at this time is using service Yandex.Translate, also need account on yandex for it’s work)
+ added new logic file textcaptcha_ignore.txt for ignoring of incorrect text captchas, file is saved as UTF-8
+ improved work with HTTPS on work with POP3-protocol
+ program is trained to work with LogicBoard in posting as well in "Antispam" mode.
+ option “Log in from current account is username is used” was removed from option and now it’s always ON (it can be turned off only by editing xuser.ini file)
+ realized bypass of honeypot-traps "position: absolute; left: -10000px;"
+ “Refspam” mode features are expanded and are added options for more flexible setup of it
+ corrected sending of UNICODE text on Windows-1251 encoded sites
+ improved work of Aggressive posting mode on some infrequent used engines
+ Reports logs are changed at captcha processing
+ fixed bug of incorrectly processed / unknown textcaptcha
+ improved work with AJAX-forms on WordPress engine, including WP Contact Form
+ Decreased possibility of posting to contact forms at “register only” mode
+ Improved detection of hidden text under filed "Required"
+ realized bypass of count down timer at registration on XenForo engine
+ realized work with WP Widget "presscore-contact-form-widget"
+ improved registration on Shopify platform
+ creating of Z-LinkList was removed totally as useless and high resources used operation
+ improved work with radio-button for selection of gender "male/female"
+ improved work with IPS4 (newest version of Invision Power Board)
+ realized work with JS "data-api-url" (XMLHttpRequest)
+ improved detection of invisible Google ReCaptcha-
+ improved posting to Joomla Kide (chat)
+ reduced probability of sending to different useless forms
+ improved work with fields in UTF-8 encoding
+ added fixes to work of #rnd_user macros
+ improved work with HTML5
+ improved detection and work of redirects

List of changes and improvements from XRumer 19.0.1

+ textcapctha database was increased with +15000 new text captcha
+ updated default databases (to download here)
  — Posting.2019.08.txt – checked database for posting without registration (guaranteed submitting of post), contain more than 134.000 links
  — Posting.2019.08_Big.Mixed.txt – not checked mixed database, used as for posting as for registration, contains more than 7.186.000 links
  — Posting.2019.08_Big.NoContact.txt – same database with delete of contact form, contains more than 4.925.000 links
  — Profiles.2019.08_All.txt – database with all profiles for “Only registration” -> "Posting on behalf of previously registered user” mode, contains more than 163.000 links
  — Profiles.2019.08_NotRus.txt – same database, that not contains Russian recourses, more than 141.000 links
  — Profiles.2019.08_Rus.txt – Russian profiles, 31.000 links

+ adjusted automatic set up of current task in Scheduler, at enable of this option or at change of file in it
+ adjusted work of macros #crosslink
+ fixed bug with login/pass enter at problem with authorization
+ changes were made in the updated Settings panel:
  — returned options to customize uploads of avatar/photo and settings of conversion BBCode -> HTML
  — part of advanced setting was moved to “Report settings”

+ Realized cache of results for translated content used via macros #trans in folder \Translate\Cache
+ increased stability of work for macros #trans
+ improved desalination in folder \Debug\Path.txt for debug mode (at press of “TEST” button)
+ improved ignoring of Honeypot-fields, in special for wpforms[hp].
+ fixed bag which caused processing of not default forms to be processed only as worked flag "LastChance", which worked only in Default-mode
+ fixed bug in analyzing of site internal links
+ program is trained to bypass anti-bot protection "HTTP/1.1 409 Conflict"
+ realized processing of aria-label parameter at analyzing of post sending forms
+ improved decoding and ignoring of anti-bot fields "This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged"