An Introduction To The Google Display Network, Benefits and Examples.

An Introduction To The Google Display Network, Benefits and Examples.

Showing your ad on a big, popular website may seem unfeasible, right? But with the existence of the Google Display Network, you can do this easily.

Definition of Google Display Network (GDN)

The Google Display Network is a unique advertising system capable of reaching more than two million websites and 90% internet users. In fact, with the Google Display Network, you can also show your ads to a targeted audience worldwide. You can reach them easily while viewing videos on news pages, playing games on mobile phones, or checking email.

Unlike Google Ads, which only show your ads in search results based on specific keywords, the Google Display Network can display your ads on website addresses targeted by potential users.

The Google Display Network works more carefully and thoroughly to integrate ads into target markets based on information generated from cookies to reach the right potential customers when they are reading, browsing, or shopping. Not only that, but the Google Display Network also allows you to display visual and multimedia ads with moving images that are much more attractive than ads that only display text.

Examples of Google Display Ads

The image below is one of the display ads that appear on news sites.

An example of the Google display network is on the news portal website. Yes, your ad will appear on various Google ad networks. Such as websites, news websites, blogs, mobile apps, etc.

Here are some of the benefits that you can get by using the Google Display Network.

With two million websites available on Google’s display network, you can increase your exposure and brand awareness to your targeted audience, even if they aren’t entering keywords related to your product into search engines.


In general, people are more interested in viewing display ads than text-only ads. The Google Display Network allows you to create more attractive visual ads with many options, including graphics, video, and audio, to display to potential customers.


Not only are they vivid and colorful, but Google Display Ads also offer you the opportunity to create more detailed ads with easy-to-understand product descriptions. This can be an essential key to attracting audience interest because you can display richer information about the product or brand that you are selling through advertising.


One of the most advanced features offered by the Google Display Network is its remarketing strategy, where you can target users who have visited your website but have not made a purchase based on information tracked by their cookies. By showing your ads repeatedly, you can remind and direct your audience to come back to your website and make transactions.


Unlike Google Ads, which can only target audiences if they actively search, the Google Display Network works differently. You can target them based on their behavior, interests, age and gender demographics, websites they’ve visited, and much more. This makes it easier for you to experiment with your advertising and find the most suitable targeting options.

That’s information about the meaning, examples, and benefits of the Google Display Network. As a business owner, you can take advantage of the various features offered by Google to attract more targeted visitors and increase sales of your products. Before advertising on Google Ads, make sure you know the five essential things to consider before running Google Ads.