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SEO audit – what should it contain and what tools should it use?

SEO audit – what should it contain and what tools should it use?

This article is an introduction to a broader issue, which is website optimization. Using our extensive experience, both in creating websites and their optimization, we will provide on our blog a set of rules and tools that are worth using.


What is an SEO audit?

It is nothing more than creating recommendations for the examined website to improve it. Website optimization may refer to a wide range of aspects, such as:

  • The availability and speed of the website
  • Readability of the content and appropriate keyword saturation
  • Building a website that allows you to quickly find the information you need, as well as its easy viewing on various devices, including mobile devices


When to perform an SEO audit?


The SEO audit carried out based on the developed website mock-up allows using the website’s potential better. Audit recommendations will also help avoid mistakes made by programmers at the stage of creating the website. The optimal variant is one when the audit coincides with the decision to create a new website. Unfortunately, this is a relatively rare situation. The most frequently audited are:

  • newly created websites
  • Existing websites of companies starting marketing activities
  • Existing websites with significant improvements




What effects can be expected from the implementation of the SEO audit?


Depending on the recommendations of the audit, the following changes can be expected after the website is improved:

  • change in the ranking of the position for keywords appearing on the website
  • change in the speed of loading website subpages
  • a change in the number of visitors to the website and an increase in the number of conversions


The effects of the introduced changes should be monitored based on the available tools – some of them are available for free, others are paid. For now, let’s mention the tools for monitoring the position of keywords in organic search results and tracking the number of hits from these results.

SEO audit – what next?


When everything is going well, i.e., the effectiveness of the SEO audit recommendations introduced to the website is beyond any doubt, you can proceed to further activities related to the website promotion. Among them, the following should be distinguished: Search Engine positioning, paid to advertise, or e-marketing activities.


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