How ASO operates: What you must know about ASO operations

How ASO operates: What you must know about ASO operations

One: About the concept of ASO

ASO (App Store Optimization), scientific name application store optimization, refers explicitly to the Apple Store, and optimization refers expressly to the optimization of app ranking.

Here, the ASO application store ranking optimization examination includes two parts: search ranking and list ranking.

Search ranking: Obviously, the hierarchy of search keywords in the APP Store;

List ranking: divided into boutique recommendations (we claim that most apps are useless), application rankings (divided into free, paid and best-selling, with limited display positions), and application classification lists (limited display positions).

The editor here gives a set of scientific statistics: 70% of the current mobile APP traffic sources come from direct searches by users, and 30% come from the list. Among them, the top three search results accounted for 85% of the total traffic.

In summary, everyone guides ASO optimisation with a focus on search ranking optimization.

Two: Influencing factors of ASO optimization

1. Product: application name (title + subtitle), keywords are essential, application description, icon, application screenshot + preview video;

2. Operation: APP installations, user reviews, positive reviews, application download activations, active users, active user ratio, user retention, and social sharing data;

The current ranking order of the weights of factors affecting the APP Store in the industry is:

APP name, keywords, application description, in-app purchase name or description.

Three: APP core links

1. Application name

As mentioned in the previous chapter, 255 bytes, about 90 characters;

The form of main title + subtitle, the main title is the name of the app, and the subtitle can introduce the functions of the app and increase the weight of core keywords;

The weight of the APP title and the keyword cannot be superimposed. If it appears in the title, it is best not to reappear in the keyword. It is a waste of characters, meaningless, cherish every character;

With the standardisation and rigour of Apple’s review, experts estimated that Chinese people or those who can speak Chinese would be invited to review. The old days when sentences can not be passed have passed. Please pay attention to ensure that the penalties are standard and there are no apparent contradictions;

I suggest using the subtitles’ high weight and adopting a rotation tactic to optimise our core keywords.

2. Keywords

The keyword has a total of 100 characters, and the higher the keyword, the greater the weight;

Words with low search index, no ranking, and no popularity should be removed and replaced regularly;

Core keywords, it is recommended to put them in the subtitle of the APP or put the keywords in front;

It is necessary to establish a hot vocabulary dedicated to your products;

Select 5-10 keywords of competing products, sorted according to the search index’s popularity, the top 5 keywords of competing products can all be our keywords.

Four: auxiliary optimization tools for ASO operations

Here I will talk about the domestic ones:

ASO100, APP DUU, Bird Brother ASO, application radar, asou, etc.

These additional optimization tools can help us:

1. Check the ranking of the app in the App Store;

2. View the search index ranking of application keywords;

3. Analysis of the trend of keyword popularity;

4. Analysis of ranking and trend of the list;

5. Expansion of keywords;

6. Analysis of competing products.

In short, there are many big ones.

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