The causes of web rankings differ from computer to computer.

The causes of web rankings differ from computer to computer.

Have you ever observed differences in website search results on Google with the same keywords? The indication is that the search results experience differences even though they use the exact keywords simultaneously.

The causes of web rankings differ from computer to computer.

If you have experienced this, you may be wondering what is the reason for the difference in results, even though the keywords used are the same. Several things cause the web ranking to differ on each computer or smartphone you use for browsing.

5 Things Cause Web Ranking Is Different on Each Computer
Causes of different web rankings

Google is a search engine that will display websites according to the keywords the user has typed. For example, when you order the keyword “Surabaya food”, Google will find various websites that review Surabaya food. But often the search results will be different for the next time even though using the same keywords. Here are five things that cause this to happen.

1. Website Ranking Algorithm
Google has an algorithm to determine the website ranking order in search results. The algorithm can be “natural”, which means the website’s quality determines it, or it can also be because the website owner uses paid services to place their website first.

This can cause differences in search results on Google, especially if you are using a different computer. There must be a difference, whether significant or not.

2. Search Activity
The system in Google can find out the trends in your search activity; for example, you often search for websites related to culinary.

One day, if you search with other keywords such as “travelling to Bandung”, it could be that the website that is in the order or the first page will be related to Bandung culinary because you are tracked often browsing about culinary. The search results will change if you also change your search pattern.

3. Visited Websites
The more often you open a website with search results with specific keywords, the more likely the website will be in first place with the same keywords.

The indicator of “frequency” of opening a website can be measured by the number of times you open the site and how long it takes to read its content. If you change your website preferences, the next search results will also change.

4. Are You Logged In?
When surfing on Google, you can log in to your account or not. Both of them still allow you to keep browsing using Google. It’s just that, if you log in, all activities on Google search will be appropriately recorded by the system.

Google can detect your preferences, what websites you frequently visit, and what keywords are used often. Try to log out; then you will find the order of the websites that can be different.

5. Devices Used
Search results with computers and other devices can be different; for example, your search for a website with the keyword “saving tips” using a personal computer or smartphone that you often use. Then, you try to search for the same keywords using other people’s tools and the results can be different,

because your search activity is different from the person searching activity whose device you borrow. That kind of thing can cause different web ratings on each computer or other device used.