Link building to rank Your website higher on Google!

Link building to rank Your website higher on Google!

Let We Talk SEO provide relevant and quality backlinks to your website. Our experience shows that a constant high-quality link building ensures an increasing growth in findability, Google rank, visitors and extra income! We will provide you with reliable and no-obligation website advice.

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Link building, what is that? Link building is an essential part of search engine optimisation, also called SEO. With link building, ‘links’ are placed on other websites. When search engines such as Google visit the page, they are directed to the website that the link points to. In this way, the search engines know where to find the website where the link is going. When there are links to a website on multiple websites, the search engine can give that website a higher value and appear higher in the search engines.

The importance of link building and SEO
The short explanation above about link building provides a bit of the basic principle. In reality, link building is a lot more complicated than just placing some links on websites. Before, for example, Google gives a value to the website through the links to it, the website itself must also be optimized. The website must be well structured in the technical field. And if the website continues to be supplemented with relevant information, there is a greater chance that Google will see the website as an ‘authority’ and thus give it more value.

For example, if you offer your services on your website, or sell products, it is essential to get relevant visitors. Relevant visitors are visitors who are looking for the product or service you are selling. When you have more visitors, you can sell more products or services. This increases your turnover. To get the relevant visitors, it is therefore vital to be found on relevant keywords. Thus, search engine optimization is used for this.

On-search engine optimization includes ‘on-page’ optimization. This involves technically arranging the website and optimizing the texts on it. Off-page optimization includes link building. Now the basic principle of link building is straightforward. However, in link building, it is important to create a varied link profile to meet Google’s’ requirements. Outsource link building is definitely recommended if you want to get higher in the search engines.

A good link profile
To ensure that a good link profile is created, it is important not to place a link everywhere. Because each link gives a specific value, it is important to have a link on relevant websites. For example, if you have a painting business, you do not want a baby food website link. In the end, if one of your links was negatively affected, Google may even penalize it.

To get a good link profile, there must be a mix of different links. Some examples of this:

The link texts should vary, and include a mix of keywords and brand names and natural texts such as ‘click here’ or ‘website’.
Links should come from regular website, blogs, reviews, etc. Not just from link pages.
Images can also link to websites, so use them here.
Links to articles on the website, not just the homepage.
Links may have a ‘nofollow’ value that does not give them a rating on the website they link to. To get an organic link, there must be some of these links.
Companies themselves often do link building, but this is tackled in the wrong way by, for example, not creating diversity in the type of sites where links appear.

Important link building websites
The website where a link is placed is given a specific value when linked to a website. Several factors determine this value. The popularity of a website, how old the website is, how many backlinks that website has, and what the website is about as in an earlier example the painting company. A link from a website about baby food has little value, but a link from, for example, a paint supplier is appreciated.

Outsource link building
Outsource link building is the best option if you choose to do (quality) link building. If you outsource it to the right online marketing agency, then there will not be many links placed on websites all of a sudden. But precisely because of the spread of several hours of high-quality SEO optimization and link building, there will be a growth in the findability in Google, which will increase relevant visitors and thus you can realize extra revenue. When outsourcing link building, make sure you do not buy a fixed number of links. After all, it is not about the numbers of links, but about their quality. A right online marketing agency will first start with keyword research. It searches for relevant keywords about your website and its search volume. An initial “analysis” is also performed here to see if you are already found on these words, and who your potential competitors are.

If it is known who the competitors are, a ‘competition analysis’ can be performed. This looks at the websites and the link profile of the competitors. Together with the 0-measurement, which looks at your website’s current position, a strategy and a timetable are drawn up, which describes what the steps are and the possible results to be expected.

To get higher in the search engine results, it takes a little more than just placing links on homepages. A high level of knowledge about websites, web analytics and the SEO field is required to score in Google. Outsourcing search engine optimization and link building will provide the best results and earn a living in this way.

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