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5 Reasons Why You Should Advertise on YouTube

5 Reasons Why You Should Advertise on YouTube


Are you still wondering if advertising on YouTube can help your business grow?

Everything is simple!

Businesses advertise on YouTube because it is the world’s second most popular website, with 2 billion online users per month!

YouTube combines two distinct features.

On the one hand, there is a social media platform with a high volume of traffic and user interaction, and on the other, there is Google, the most popular internet search engine!

As you can see, YouTube provides a massive audience reach as well as powerful targeting capabilities.

These features make it a valuable platform for customers during their “shopping trip.”

In other words, advertising on YouTube is one of the most effective ways to expand your business.

Still not convinced?

Please continue reading to learn why it is worthwhile to invest in YouTube advertising!




Wide Audience Approach Contents Hide 1 Wide Audience Approach 2 YouTube advertising is cost-effective
3 Optimal audience targeting 4 Interaction with the audience 5 YouTube advertising yields immediate results

#1 YouTube advertisement

YouTube allows small and large businesses to reach out to more interested in their products/services.

Because it has many active users, to be exact, there are over 2 billion users!)

Even if you choose to target the ad to a specific audience, you will still promote your business to a much larger number of users than with other advertising campaigns.


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Unless you have 2 billion email subscribers or 2 billion Facebook followers, in which case you can run ads!




YouTube advertising is inexpensive.

ad #2 on YouTube

If you’re familiar with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, you’ll know that it’s a very cost-effective strategy.

If you’re still unfamiliar with this type of advertising, it’s simple to see why it’s so profitable.

Why should you pay only when someone clicks on the ad you’re running?

Not only that, but you can specify the amount you are willing to pay when someone clicks on your ad.

These two factors ensure that you will never spend too much money on PPC ads or go over your advertising budget!

But why bring up PPC ads in a post about YouTube advertising?

YouTube advertising follows a PPC model that works the same way, making online advertising for your business extremely cost-effective!




Optimal audience segmentation

3rd YouTube advertisement

A successful online advertising campaign requires strategic targeting.

YouTube ads enable you to include detailed information about the audience you want to reach.

You can specifically target your audience with:

Demographics: Users are targeted based on demographics such as location, age, gender, marital status, etc.
Topics: Reaching out to the public based on their interests.
Customer Match: With this technique, you use detailed data to re-engage customers who have previously expressed interest in your company.
Similar Audiences: With this targeting, you use data to target users with similar characteristics/interests to the audience that typically expresses interest in your ads.
Video Remarketing: Using the Remarketing method, target users who have previously interacted with your videos or YouTube ads.
Related audience: Users interested in topic/products related to your company are included in this targeting.
Custom Affinity Audience: A more detailed approach allows you to target a group of users with particular interests in your brand.
In-market audience: Advertising focuses on actively looking for the products or services your company provides.
Live events:

We are targeting based on significant life events such as moving, marriage, childbirth, etc.

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You can target a specific group of users or more general consumer groups using YouTube’s options, depending on your offer’s products or services!




Interaction with the general public

4th YouTube advertisement

In today’s online world, most users feel more connected to a brand when they see it “in action.”

Advertising provides and enhances that feeling.

Customers can interact with the people who represent the brand through advertising, gain a better understanding of the “character” and goals, or learn how a product or service works.

YouTube video ads allow you to connect with your audience directly and “in-person” by activating the camera yourself!


YouTube advertising yields immediate results.

#5 YouTube advertisement

With over 2 billion monthly users on YouTube, it is easy to see why you will see immediate results.

Showing your ads to more people means you’ll get more ad clicks, which will increase your website traffic, conversions, and sales!

With its massive user base, YouTube is a fantastic advertising platform that focuses on producing immediate results.

If you are emailing a small group of subscribers, you will need much more time to see results.

This means that your ad will only be visible to a small number of users.

Of course, email lists typically have a higher number of subscribers, making Email Marketing an excellent strategy!

YouTube, on the other hand, guarantees quick results due to its large user base.


A large audience with diverse interests means more users interested in your products and services!